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London Data Sharing Agreement

Date: Thursday, 08th Jul 2021 | Category: General

Historically there are many Data Sharing Agreements (DSA), all different, across London borough councils, police BCUs, CCGs, the Probation and London Ambulance Services, voluntary sector groups and more. There is pressure on national or London-wide groups who must agree multiple DSAs for the same purposes, and we are constrained by the fact that different organisations have different geographical boundaries.

Signatories to a DSA are equal parties, but succeeding with an agreed DSA across so many partners is a struggle all of us face regularly. It sometimes occurs that relevant professionals are missed when drafting an agreement, and frustration and confusion occurs. To improve this, a working group of professionals has achieved an unprecedented level of collaboration to develop ONE agreement, for a selection of DSAs, that all parties across London will sign.

These agreements are the outcome of a multi-agency working group with representation from local authorities, health and police, who have engaged with front line practitioners and other local agencies, like the voluntary sector.

As with any DSA, it is an agreement between equal partners and each organisation has a responsibility to ensure it is correct and reflects their situation. We hope that all parties can feel confident that an experienced group of professionals from multiple specialisms have included all relevant information and requirements.
This agreement is endorsed by the professionals that worked on it, and, collectively, by the Information Governance for London group (IGfL), and the London Child Safeguarding Partnership.

Essentially the agreement allows for the sharing of the following key data/information across agencies:

Not all the information below will be shared in every case; only relevant information will be shared on a case-by-case basis where an organisation has a ‘need-to-know’ the information
• name and contact details
• age/date of birth
• ethnic origin, religion and other equalities information
• criminal information on allegations and convictions, police information and intelligence, information
from the London Fire Brigade, anti-social behaviour (ASB) data
• school and educational information
• health records including NHS number, GP, London Ambulance Service and other
• information on sex life and sexual orientation
• housing information
• social services information, referrals and assessments
• financial information
• images in photographs, film or CCTV
• employment information

Read the full document here and FAQ’s here

Think your agency needs to sign up but hasn’t yet? Contact so you can sign.