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Children and Young People: Crime, Violence, Gangs & Exploitation



A crime is a deliberate act that causes harm, damage to or loss of property, and is against the law.

Fearless has information and advice on different types of crime, a space where you can pass on anonymous information about crime and services that can support if you have been a victim of crime. Home – Fearless

The Mix offers information and advice if you have been a victim of a crime, are worried about your safety or need to understand your rights Crime & Safety – The Mix

Victim Support provides information and advice to help young people cope with the effects and impact of crime.  Children and young people – Victim Support



Violence is behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt or damage someone or something.

Voice has information and advice on attacks, abuse and violence Attacks, abuse and violence – 11-15 | Voice for Children & Young People (




A gang may be a group of friends that hang out together. But a gang can also be an organised group of criminals.

Childline has more information about why people join gangs, gangs and the law, leaving a gang and how you can help if you think someone you know is part of a gang. Gangs | Childline

Sometimes, gangs will entice, trick or pressure children and young people to become part of their gang and carry out crime for them, in return for friendship, love, money, food, shelter or gifts. This is called exploitation.

Some of the things a child or young person could be tricked or pressured into doing include working, begging, committing crime, growing, transporting or dealing drugs, marrying someone or having sex/performing sexual acts (Sexual Exploitation).

The NSPCC has information, advice and support around exploitation Criminal exploitation and gangs | NSPCC

The GSCP has a factsheet on Sexual Exploitation