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Children and Young People: Bullying

Bullying is when someone physically, emotionally or verbally hurts or upsets you. It could be a one off or happen over a time.


Childline have information on what bullying is, how to cope with bullying and how to support your friend or family member if they are being bullied. Click here for more information.  They also have information for bullies that want to stop bullying people. Childline provide a bounce back from bullying advice service which can be found here: Bounce back from bullying | Childline


Young Minds has information about bullying and, getting help and tips from other young people. Bullying | How To Deal With Bullying and Getting Help | YoungMinds

Kidscape have information on dealing with bullying and using assertiveness to stand up for yourself: Dealing with bullying

United Response has an easy read leaflet about bullying: What to do if you feel bullied